NB : The conference will take place :
– on the 2nd of February at Université Paris-Est Créteil
– on the 3rd of February at Ecoles des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS, Paris).
See : practical informations here.

2-3 FEBRUARY 2017


Université Paris-Est Créteil (Salle des thèses – bâtiment P)
9:00-9:30 a.m. : Introductory remarks by Arthur Clech and Mathieu Lericq

9:30-12:00 : Panel I — Ex-centering sexualities : changing fields of research

Panel chair : Florence Tamagne (Université Lille 3)
Discussant: Arthur Clech (EHESS)

Łukasz Szulc (University of Antwerp) :
Homosexuality in Eastern Bloc Countries in the 1980s in a Comparative Perspective
Anita Kurimay (Bryn Mawr College) :
Practicing and Imagining Homosexuality in Late Socialist Hungary
Vojin Saša Vukadinović (University of Zürich) :
A different kind of communist love. A case study on same-sex desire in the Red Army Faction and the G.D.R.

[10:30-10:45 : Coffee break]

Galina Zelenina (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscou) :
Late Soviet Jews and homosexuals: “older” minority and “younger” minority in internal discourse

Thibault Boulvain (Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne) :
The AIDS epidemic didn’t stop at the borders of the Iron Curtain

[12:00-13:00 : Pause déjeuner]

13:00-14:00 Keynote (1)
Dan Healey (University of Oxford) :
How to Write the History of Communist Homosexuality: Historical Time, Geopolitics, and Queer Memory in the Former Soviet Union

14:15-17:00 : Panel II — Homosexualities under control : legal and medical shapes

Panel chair : Éric Fassin (Université Paris 8)
Discussant : Roman Krakovsky (Labex TEPSIS, EHESS)

Franko Dota (University of Zagreb) :
A «Queer» Communist Idea: The Failed Post-Revolutionary Attempt to Decriminalize Homosexuality in Socialist Yugoslavia

Jan Seidl (Society for Queer Memory, Prague) :
Did the decriminalization of homosexuality in Czechoslovakia in 1961 actually take place?

Uladzimir Valodzin (Maksim Bahdanovič Literary Museum, Minsk) :

Criminal persecution of male homosexuals in late Soviet Union (1950s-1991): discourses and figures

[15:30-15:45 : Coffee break]

Agnès Chetaille (EHESS) :
Between repression and incitement: state control and emergence of homosexual groups in Poland in the 1980s

Irina Costache (Central European University) :
Je est un autre: Homosexuality, Confession and the Politics of Abnormality in Ceausescu’s Romania

[Discussions of the first day will pursue at the occasion of the screening of the documentary film Secret Years by Mária Takács at the Cinéma Luminor Hôtel-de-Ville at 8pm.]


École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Amphi F. Furet, 105 bd Raspail, 75006 Paris)

9:00-9:30 : Breakfast

9:30-10:30 Keynote (2)
Judit Takács (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) :
Disciplining Gender and Homosexuality in State Socialist Hungary

10:30-10:45 : Coffee break

10:45-13:00 : Panel III — Between non-normative and normative everyday lives

Panel chair : Hadley Zaun Renkin (Central European University, Budapest)
Discussant: Jérôme Bazin (Université Paris-Est Créteil)

Francesca Stella (University of Glasgow) :

Rethinking communist homosexualities through everyday experiences: insights from a study on ‘lesbian’ lives in Soviet Russia

Maria Bühner (University of Leipzig) :

Insights in the changing (self-)understandings of lesbians in East Germany during the 1980s

Alisa Zhabenko (University of Helsinki) :

Motherhood culture of the “last Soviet generation” women with same-sex sexual desire

Wojciech Śmieja (University of Upper Silesia, Katowice) :

The captive (homosexual) minds. On being a writer and a homosexual in communist Poland

13:00-14:00 : Coffee break

14:00-16:15 : Panel IV — Exposed intimacies: in search of a public and poetical presence

Panel chair : Dina Iordanova (University of St Andrews)
Discussant : Mathieu Lericq (Aix-Marseille Université)

Sanja Lazarević Radak (University of Belgrade) :

Non-Aligned Yugoslavia and ‘In-between’ Subjects’: Filming Homosexuality In The Yugoslav Black Wave (1967-1971)

Kevin Moss (Middlebury College) :
Traitors, Secrets, Spies, and Dissidents : Gay and Lesbian Characters in Two Classic Hungarian Films of the 80s
Tim Veith (University of Siegen) :

Pictures of homosexual life during communism in Poland in non-heterosexual magazines across Europe

Mateusz Chmurski (Université Paris-Sorbonne)
Encircling the void? Body (and discourse) distortions in the Central-European gay prose

[16:15-16:30 : Pause café]

16:30-17:30 – Articulated discussion between the artist Jaanus Samma and the reseacher Uku Lember (Université de Tallinn, Université d’Uppsala).

17:30-18:00 – Closing remarks by Jérôme Bazin and general discussion.

[Discussions of the second day will pursue at the occasion of a meeting with the artist Karol Radziszewski, who will present Kisieland and Queer Archives Institute projects at the gallery 22,48m2 at 7.30pm].


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  1. Dommage que Briancon est si loin de Paris car je remarque auprès de mes contacts russes et ukrainiens comme une peur d’être considérés comme des zombies quand on entend , presque en continue sur les médias
    des critiques, des mensonges sur la” gayrope”. Y aura-t-il une synthèse écrite ou par voie de DVD de cette rencontre? Merci et bon courage


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